Delimiting Relevant Markets

Target markets for any product are not pre-determined! The decision-makers in organizations and their sub-units determine what they consider will be their relevant market. Going Global: Developing a new market or moving into a new geography can be as prospective as it is risky, as a market strategy. Geographic expansion of an organization can be done in a number of ways these days. Researching and understanding the business climate (of the country you wish to expand to), the customer buying…

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Could there be as many Brands as Products?

The answer could be YES if we presume that the consumer, to whom you are trying to talk to, is really listening to you. But what if he/she is not listening? Or what if he/she is unable to listen because of the loud noises that millions of other products are making to gather his/her attention? While every company expects to build a word-class brand, it is ironical that the presumptions on which these products are built are transitory. Everything from…

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